What do people like about us?

When asked ' How satisfied with our report/service are you?' solicitors rate us on a scale from 1 to 10.

10 is 'very satisfied' and 1 is 'unhappy'.

Our average score in 2003 was 9.3.

'your availability'

'the speed of turnaround'

'speed of granting an appointment'

'a comprehensive and comprehensible report'

How to Contact Us

Registered Office: Green MedicoLegal Chambers, 243 Chester Road, Helsby, Cheshire, WA6 0AQ.

Tel: Business Manager, Clare McMonnies; 01928 722414

Fax: 01928 722747 All pages copyright Green MedicoLegal Ltd., 2001-2004.

UK Company Reg. No. 4209657

Incorporation Date: 2/5/2001

Director: Prof Ben Green

Complaints Policy

If, there is anything with which you are not happy, it is best to say so at the time. We will try to remedy the problem and avoid giving cause for complaint.

If you disagree with my assessment or opinion, this is an issue to discuss with your solicitor.

If you are considering complaining about the interview or subsequent report, it is probably a good idea to take advice from your own solicitors, as they will help you clarify the complaint and help you decide how and to whom the complaint should be made.

If you want to complain, the first person for you or your solicitors to approach is Professor Green, and he will try to resolve your complaint.

If you are still not satisfied, there are two levels of complaint:

We can ask a different consultant colleague to give an independent
response to your complaint


You can complain to one of Professor Green’s professional bodies.