2006 Fee Charges for UK Medical Expert Witnesses - helping lawyers with personal injury reports and medical malpractice / clinical negligence reports

Medical Fees

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In 2006 we surveyed our UK medical experts regarding their charging practices for medical reports. We asked over 250 medical experts about their charges for a first report, supplementary report charging and other information they felt able to share.

We expect that charges will increase in 2007 and past years have seen rates increase by 5-10%.

The average fee for a first medical report (not including medical negligence cases) was £575. The range was from £400 to £750. The charges clustered between £550 and £625.

The average hourly fee was £200-£220.

By and large doctors charged an hour’s fee fro a missed appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice. Some doctors charged a full report fee for a second cancellation. Daily rates for attending court ranged from £1000 to £2000. Some doctors charged the full rate for ‘blocked out’ days for less than a certain number of days’ notice (range 1-4) for court cancellations.

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